Shariah law can't stop what it doesn't expect.

Friday, August 28, 2009

North Korean Ship Halted Delivering Illicit Arms to Iran

What a surprise. The two most disliked countries in the world defying international sanctions and caught red-handed exchanging illegal weapons.

Yahoo! News reports:
The United Arab Emirates has seized a cargo ship earlier this month bound for Iran with a cache of banned arms from North Korea, the first such seizure since sanctions against North Korea were ramped up, diplomats and officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Interesting that it was the UAE who seized the ship. Good to see them holding up their end.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forward Notice

After all this exhaustive writing on that tiny little spit of land in the Middle East aggravating all the Arabs, it's high time I went there myself.

So, next Wednesday on the 2nd, I'll be leaving the country to spend nearly 3 weeks going around Israel and through the West Bank until the 20th. Most likely, I won't have the time to sit down to make any posts. But when I get back I'll have more stories and pictures to share with you than a chubby intern serving for the Clinton administration.

If you can't go 3 weeks without your Infidel news every few days, I highly suggest checking out the links and blogs I have listed over yonder on the lower right portion of the blog.

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All quality stuff, I assure you. Enjoy.

Laughter is the Best Medicine...

... and I know some of you out there need it, so this non-political post is just for you. Dana Carvey had me in stitches most of the time.

Can you believe he's in his 50s? What a sense of humor to have at that age. I hope I turn out the same. Hope he helps to brighten up your day, all you sad clowns.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

UK Bank Charges Non-Muslims More Than Muslims

In a clear-cut case of European Islamization, a UK bank has been accused of charging its non-Muslim clients more than its Muslim clients... and hides behind the noble cause of "religious tolerance".

Daily Mail reports:

Many Lloyds TSB customers are being hit with charges of up to £200 a month if they go into the red - while Muslims who use the bank are only being charged £15...

Graham Milne, a customer and chartered accountant from Norham, Northumberland, said difference in fees was tantamount to 'religious discrimination'.

He added: 'This means that all the non-Islamic account holders are subsidising those with such an account. It strikes me as something which is bordering on illegal.

The bank reasons that its blatant act of religious discrimination merely stems from its no-interest form of banking for Muslims, as Shariah law dictates Muslims must not pay interest (Muhammad thought of everything, didn't he?) Consequently, the bank has deemed it perfectly legal and acceptable to discriminate between its customers.

If Europe fails to stop this discriminatory garbage, I think we can all count on witnessing a civil uprising in Europe within the next 10 years.

Those Basterds

***WARNING: Contains Some Spoilers***

I must admit I've spent the last month looking forward to Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds" with the enthusiasm of a 12 year-old girl following the next "Twilight" movie- or that of a 19 year-old girl; disturbingly, there's not much difference.

From what commercials I'd seen, I walked into the theater expecting 2 hours of Brad Pitt killing the uncensored and glorious crap out of Nazi after Nazi. Which would have left me more than satisfied.

Sad to say, by the end, there hadn't been nearly as much Pitt-on-Nazi violence as I'd've liked. There was some, but not nearly enough from what I was expecting. The movie is more plot-oriented rather than violence-focused- which I guess is the true mark of a great filmmaker; Tarantino didn't succumb to the temptation of making a 2 hour Nazi holocaust- and there are some pretty long scenes, Pulp Fiction style. Unfortunately, most of these scenes are full of superficial pleasantries exchanged between Nazis and Basterds disguised as Nazis and reveal very little about the characters, whereas in Pulp Fiction, the long conversations focused on more thought-provoking topics and helped us glean some information from the characters (What do they call a France?) Too much of the movie feels wasted on this pointless banter, instigated primarily by the SS Detective introduced in the beginning as his sort of cat-and-mouse game with his suspects. These polite conversations drag on just long enough until the viewer begins to feel bored, but are then thankfully ended with a hostile twist in the conversation or a violent scene.

Pitt is grossly underutilized in this movie. His character, a Western-accented American Colonel with a mind focused on killin' them Nehtzis, shines brightest in the first (and really, only) scene between the Basterds and a group of Nazis they've captured. Pitt is calm and amusingly relaxed when informing the Nazis of the choices they have; do what the Basterds want, or die a painful, painful death. Most of the Jewish-American men Pitt has chosen to accompany him on his Nazi hunting spree rarely display any emotional animosity one would expect towards the Nazis, and instead laugh at their bigoted insults as an executioner laughs at a name the man on the chopping block has called him. Unfortunately, the story's plot doesn't allow for any more than one of these scenes, which is what the majority of the commercials advertised. Pitt offers an engaging performance, but sadly the film doesn't realize it to its full potential.

The plotline also follows one Shosana, a French Jew who escaped a Nazi shooting gallery of her family at a farm in the French countryside. After moving to Nazi-occupied Paris, Shosana opens up a cinema and eventually falls into the situation of hosting a premiere for Josef Goebbels new movie. The premiere will be attended by 350 top-ranking officials of the Nazi party. Shosana quickly becomes determined to burn down the entire theater with all 350 Nazis trapped inside. Meanwhile, Pitt and the Basterds undertake a mission to blow up the same theater with the same objectives. The Basterds and Shosana never meet, however, which allows for some loos threads after the climax of the movie. "Inglorious Basterds" is ultimately about assassinating the four topmost members of the Nazi high command (including Hitler and Goebbels) more than it is about bloody and explicit Jew-on-Nazi brutality

Not to say Basterds was a bad movie; it was great, it had several of its funny moments, and the acting is high-tier (though the German accent of the SS Detective sounds as authentic as a cardboard violin and twice as bland). And the comedic moments are funny enough to keep the entire theater laughing long after the joke's done. Just don't go into it expecting mass amounts of violence and Nazi-killing, or a great deal of Pitt screen-time. People should expect more "Pulp Fiction" than "Kill Bill".

Oh, and Mike Myers makes a surprise appearance.

-- 4 out of 5 stars--

Sweden Revives Ancient Anti-Semitic Blood Libels

The lows to which the anti-Israel party never cease to amaze me. I mean, really, Sweden?

Sweden’s embassy in Tel Aviv has sharply condemned Sweden’s largest circulation newspaper Aftonbladet for publishing an article accusing the Israeli Defence Forces of harvesting the organs of Palestinians

Published on Monday, the article by photographer and writer Donald Boström accuses the Israeli army of involvement in the illegal human organ trade.

And that's not all:

Aftonbladet’s culture editor Åsa Linderborg defended the publication and expressed surprise at the strong reactions in Israel.

“It surprises me really. The questions that it raises are nothing new....”

I'll trust that the irony of a culture editor publishing and defending bigoted blood libels does not escape any one of you.

Here's another bit about an Israeli tennis player who visited Sweden to play the Davis tennis cup:

On Saturday when Israel played Sweden in a Davis cup tennis match in Malmö, an estimated 6,000 Leftists, Arabs, Muslims and anarchists protested the Israeli presence in the city, and hundreds attacked police. Almost no fans were allowed inside to watch the tennis series, because authorities feared disruptions or possible violence against the Israeli team.
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a word for generalizing an entire ethnicity based on the actions- however misinterpreted- carried out by only a small percentage of said ethnicity?

Oh yeah.


It was a f*cking tennis player, not an IDF soldier. What was their excuse? That she would have turned on the crowd and started lobbing tennis balls at the Palestinians in the audience? Is a tennis match really worth attacking the police over?

I hope Sweden is embarrassed of itself. I sure as hell would be if a US newspaper ever published anything about blood libels. In fact, I'll be surprised if we already haven't.

Friday, August 14, 2009


My bad, folks. The last post on Muslim moderates confronting the extremists in Britain have already been covered here... and I was wrong the second time around.

Here's the first post on the incident. It links to Jihad Watch, which provides some evidence as to just how "moderate" these moderates are, courtesy of their own mosque's website. The title says more than enough: "Prophesy of the Utter Destruction of the Yahood [Jew]":

The Jews shall NEVER have peace of mind or feel secure, or arrive at the level of safety that they seek. This is a dream that shall remain unfulfilled because they do not seek to extend the same to others. All attempts at seeking to facilitate this unattainable peace shall end in failure. They shall continuously be under siege as has been ordained by Allaah as He has said:
“And (remember) when your Lord declared that He would certainly keep on sending against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection, those who would afflict them with a humiliating torment.” [7:167]
We recognise that this return to grandeur [of the Jews] shall be short lived, by the leave of Allaah (Subhanahu wa ta'ala)...

Their website also contains an article defending Mohammad's stipulation that women are deficient in intellect, also found in the aforementioned link.

Here's the second (and erroneous) post on the same incident.

"Moderate". Huh. So far as it looks like, the only difference between these "moderates" and the extremists is that they don't support terrorism (?).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Islam vs. Terror?

Articles about anti-terrorism Muslims are like smack. I just had to go out and find some more.

Talk about ironic. Remember those Muslim douchebags who crashed the homecoming parade of British soldiers returning from Iraq with shouts of 'baby killers' and likeminded garbage? It seems they've managed to piss off even their own community.

Daily Mail reports:

As the radical Muslims began to set up their stall, they were surrounded by a [Muslim] crowd shouting 'we don't want you here' and 'move on, move on'.

Angry words were exchanged and scuffles broke out between members of both groups, with the extremists shouting 'Shame on you' and 'Get back to your synagogue'.

Nothing less from Islamic fundamentalists. But these Muslim "moderates", if they are to be labeled such, are continuing to surprise me. Hopefully this is not an isolated incident. More hopefully, these "moderates" are not the same ones Islamizing Europe (who are worse than the extremists, if you ask me) and actually just want to get on with their lives.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pajamas Media Premiere

Here is a Pajamas Media exclusive, courtesy of yours truly. It covers the violations of Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine, specifically their most recent Hate Week this past May.

Also, have some Itzhak Pearlman. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes.

A Moderate Muslim Revolution

This article by Ryan Mauro over at Pajamas Media discussing Muslim moderates across the Muslim world rejecting terrorism is certainly cause for an increase of hope in such intimidating times. Ryan uses the recent political defeat of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Mumbai imams who denounced terrorism after the Mumbai attacks as examples, among others.

Ryan writes:

On May 16, four women were elected to Kuwait’s parliament and the Islamists were handed a political defeat. The Islamic Constitutional Movement, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic Salafi Alliance lost four seats. They now only hold three of the 50 seats in parliament.
This is music to long-battered ears, make no mistake. It's wonderful that we are receiving help from the Muslim world in fighting Islamic extremism.

Whether or not these are the same "moderates" who demand that their local hospitals are cleansed of all depictions of Christianty and Judaism; that their jobs give them 5 prayer breaks a day; that refuse to ring up pork products at supermarkets; and that refuse to pick up people carrying alcohol or dogs in their raxis, however, I cannot tell you and can only hope.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Muslim Men Rape and Manipulate Women into Attacks

"Iraqi teenager Raniya Ibrahim... The 16-year-old would-be female suicide bomber was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by a juvenile criminal court."

A lot of the time, you'll hear terrorist sympathizers and Muslim fundamentalists (which are quite lacking in difference) bemoan the "foreign presence" in Iraq and excuse suicide attacks as a form of resistance to it. The same argument has been made to excuse Hamas' acts of terror on Israeli civilians.

But does this sound like a mentality focused on resisting a foreign occupier? Yahoo! News reports:

In a prison interview, [an Iraqi female arrested for recruiting female suicide bombers] told The Associated Press about a plot in which young women were raped and then persuaded to carry out suicide attacks to reclaim their honor.

Shariahism is not only a danger to non-Muslims; it's a danger to anyone who is not a male Muslim. Of the majority sect. And even then, it's still dangerous.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Resident Evil Ramallah

WARNING: The link and suggested Google search in this post contain graphic descriptions/depictions of violence and gore.

If you ever need additional proof of the bloodlust and sub-human genocidal berserker mindset that possesses militant Islam's finest, or to understand just why Israel invests so much money in its military, have a look-see at this Israel National News article from 2004 describing- in explicit detail- some of the worst (and it's hard to choose) terror attacks to taint Israeli soil- and the history of humankind.

The most stomach-churning example of Islamic terrorism in the article concerns an incident in 2000, shortly after Mohammad al-Durah was "killed" and drove the Islamic world into a frothing frenzy. A pair of lost IDF soldiers were unfortunate enough to wind up in Ramallah. I've heard about how a crowd of Palestinians chased them into a building and eventually killed them. I've even heard the words "brutal" and "graphic" used in describing how they were killed.

What I did not hear- and a quick Google search of "Palestinian entrails israeli ramallah" will attest to this (for those with especially strong stomachs, try an Image search)- was the horrifying and cannibalistic way in which these so-called people murdered the soldiers. Throw in the bit about one of the murderers/cannibals answering one of the IDF soldiers' phone with "We are killing your husband" and you not only have a morally despicable crowd but a bunch of viciously sadistic assholes, too.

Did you do the Google search? See why I didn't post the picture here? And these weren't even militants. Just Muslim civlians.

Islam means peace, folks. Pieces and pieces of folks, as Ramallah 2000 has shown us.