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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Resident Evil Ramallah

WARNING: The link and suggested Google search in this post contain graphic descriptions/depictions of violence and gore.

If you ever need additional proof of the bloodlust and sub-human genocidal berserker mindset that possesses militant Islam's finest, or to understand just why Israel invests so much money in its military, have a look-see at this Israel National News article from 2004 describing- in explicit detail- some of the worst (and it's hard to choose) terror attacks to taint Israeli soil- and the history of humankind.

The most stomach-churning example of Islamic terrorism in the article concerns an incident in 2000, shortly after Mohammad al-Durah was "killed" and drove the Islamic world into a frothing frenzy. A pair of lost IDF soldiers were unfortunate enough to wind up in Ramallah. I've heard about how a crowd of Palestinians chased them into a building and eventually killed them. I've even heard the words "brutal" and "graphic" used in describing how they were killed.

What I did not hear- and a quick Google search of "Palestinian entrails israeli ramallah" will attest to this (for those with especially strong stomachs, try an Image search)- was the horrifying and cannibalistic way in which these so-called people murdered the soldiers. Throw in the bit about one of the murderers/cannibals answering one of the IDF soldiers' phone with "We are killing your husband" and you not only have a morally despicable crowd but a bunch of viciously sadistic assholes, too.

Did you do the Google search? See why I didn't post the picture here? And these weren't even militants. Just Muslim civlians.

Islam means peace, folks. Pieces and pieces of folks, as Ramallah 2000 has shown us.


Brighton Early said...

It all makes sense now... Palestinians are zombies!

Sorry, I just had to comment that above statement, but honestly, how violent and primitive those acts were.

Tinct said...

You've just inspired a new name for this post. Thank you.