Shariah law can't stop what it doesn't expect.

Friday, March 19, 2010

UCI Students Break the Silence

Quick video featuring Jewish students at UCI attending ASUCI's Legislative council meeting and speaking out against hate speech on campus and the MSU's attempts to shut down the Michael Oren event.

Pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homer Simpson is the Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict....

... because he's someone they can all get pissed off at together!

It's no secret that somewhere along the line a few years back, The Simpsons stopped being funny. I have no idea when since I only watched the show only a little more than half-heartedly, but I'd say season 9. In the past year or so, it's gotten funny again, though the humor is really different than before. I'm guessing they got new writers.

Anyways. I just saw this JPost article. Even if I had still given up on the Simpsons by now, it's reason enough to watch this one episode. I'm glad the show is funny again; a Simpsons Israel episode definitely deserves to be funny.

Oh, and happy late St. Patrick's day! This at least is one thing to look forward to after college; I can finally start celebrating it with Guinness and pinches instead of textbooks and essays. It always falls around finals season for us college folk.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interview With the Son of Hamas

Screw finals. I have to share this with you guys.

This is an interview (courtesy of MEMRI) with Mus'ab Youssef, the son of a Hamas founder I was talking about. For those of you who don't know, Youssef fled to the US some years ago, moved to San Diego, and converted to Christianity. And just recently he made a public statement- and wrote a book- about how he spent more than a decade working as a double agent for Israel's Shin Bet security force. His story has rocked the entire world.

It's one thing to hear about him, and quite another to see him so passionately argue with someone about Islam and Israel. You do not want to miss seeing this.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

British Islamist Anjem Choudary: Freedom and Democracy Are Idols That Must Be Destroyed and Replaced with Obedience to Allah

Here is a MEMRI interview with an influential Islamic figure in the UK. Note that the reporter had to don a hijab just to get the interview.

Some of his answers are absolutely petrifying. "Freedom" needs to be destroyed? Are you f*cking serious? Why does he want Islam in the government? Why not keep it to the masses, where religion belongs?

I don't even need to answer it. Choudary admits he wants to turn the UK into an Islamic caliphate, which would then become part of the global Islamic caliphate.

When will Islamists understand we don't want to be liberated from our debauchery and sin? We LIKE debauchery and sin. And if enjoying that damns us to eternal hellfire, well gosh dern it Scooter, I'm willing to take that chance. I don't know if he genuinely believes he'd be helping us all live a better life if he converted us to Islam, but all I have to do is point to any Muslim or Arab country in the Middle East, or any Islamic fundamentalist community. There is no freedom to be found in any of those places. Women are treated like dirt. Gays and Jews (and oftentimes Christians and non-Muslims) are tormented or killed for not being Islamic. And if one Muslim doesn't like another Muslim's Islam, it's grounds for murder (see: the Sunni vs. Shi'ite conflict).

The UK is already becoming infamous for its growing cesspool of Islamic fundamentalism. And their skyhigh birthrate is not making things any better. Sooner or later, when Islamic radicals like this Looney Tune start challenging the Parliament, it will force the government to react.

Unfortunately, the only way I see the problem of creeping Shariah being solved is through forced deportation.

Think about it. World governments are reluctant to address the fast-growing problem of Islamic fundamentalism. And you can bet your ass they'r egoing to keep shutting their eyes until they hear a scimitar knocking on the door.

What then?

What can you possibly do in 2020, 2030, or 2040 when half the UK demands the government be dismantled and replaced with a theocratic regime? What can you do when they will not take "no" for an answer, they will not assimilate into the society they've immigrated to, and they will not compromise?

The only answer is forcible removal. Call me a pessimist, but this is the path I see things going down. I'd like to believe that someday Islamic radicals will learn to assimilate into society and get along with non-Muslims. But I'd be a naive moron. That's not what's happening.

Let's just pray the next US president is wise to what's going on. I think it's safe to say by this point we won't have to deal with HOPE! CHANGE! HOPE! for a second term.