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Monday, August 10, 2009

Islam vs. Terror?

Articles about anti-terrorism Muslims are like smack. I just had to go out and find some more.

Talk about ironic. Remember those Muslim douchebags who crashed the homecoming parade of British soldiers returning from Iraq with shouts of 'baby killers' and likeminded garbage? It seems they've managed to piss off even their own community.

Daily Mail reports:

As the radical Muslims began to set up their stall, they were surrounded by a [Muslim] crowd shouting 'we don't want you here' and 'move on, move on'.

Angry words were exchanged and scuffles broke out between members of both groups, with the extremists shouting 'Shame on you' and 'Get back to your synagogue'.

Nothing less from Islamic fundamentalists. But these Muslim "moderates", if they are to be labeled such, are continuing to surprise me. Hopefully this is not an isolated incident. More hopefully, these "moderates" are not the same ones Islamizing Europe (who are worse than the extremists, if you ask me) and actually just want to get on with their lives.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you are surprised by the reasonable nature of moderates, and the condemnation they hold for extremists says a LOT about the depths of your prejudice in that it makes blatantly obvious that even if you won't admit it, or allow yourself to realize it, you are judging an entire race based on the actions of a few.

It is equivalent to labeling the entire christian community as insane, delusional zealots because of the actions and beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Tinct said...

Your logic leaves much to be desired, my anonymous friend.

Read my last answer from our previous discussion, the one you have failed to respond to. In case you didn't bother to read it, I'll reiterate for you:

When Christian evangelicals say something stupid, such as "I hope one day that all US public schools will return to Christianity", Christian moderates are swift to denounce his words and elicit an apology from the Christian representative. When someone of a certain faith makes a comment in the media pertaining to that faith, they are representing their religion as a whole. Whether or not it's fair is irrelevant; that's how people view him and that's the reality.

This is why I don't worry about Christianity, because its moderates have a proven track record of being responsible enough to keep the fundamentalists in check.

Muslim moderates, however, have done a piss-poor job in taking responsibility for their religion. After tens of thousands of worldwide Islamic terror attacks and countless mullahs, imams, and sheiks who preach global domination by Islam, genocide against Jews, Christians, and infidels, and woman abuse, I have yet to see even one Muslim group stand up, make some noise, and tell the world, "Hey, these guys don't speak for us" like the Christians have; the incident in the article is the first of its ind I've ever seen. There are virtually no Muslim groups- in the US or otherwise- who have publicly spoken out against Islamic radicals. Silence is consent. So what is everyone supposed to do? Simply assume that these Muslims are against Islamic terror even though they haven't made the effort for a single public message?

Until Muslims start taking responsibility for their religion, like Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and so on have, they have no reason to be surprised when they encounter people who are wary of Islam.

Beyond that, you seem determined that I am some "Islamophobic nutjob", so much so that you'll twist your own already-sorry logic around to do it. Me being (pleasantly) surprised at Muslims standing up against Islamic terrorism in no way makes me Islamophobic. If anything, it means the opposite, and isolates my disdain to Islamic radicals only.

Please put some thought into your words before you post them. At the very least, kindly display some cajones and finish debates that you've started.