Shariah law can't stop what it doesn't expect.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

English Defense League Uncovered


Thanks to an anonymous reader, I realized the documentary I've posted here is flagrantly biased, and treats the EDL as badly as the KKK. I certainly am not disregarding the EDL as a racist organization, only the racist members of it. This documentary should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is the only one I can find.

Every organization has its extremists and racists, and should not be defined by them if it is in general a peaceful movement. The extremists must be condemned, not the movement as a whole. That's what this blog is about, after all.

Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Can't how I feel about this just yet... a right-wing English movement that has exploded onto the streets of London determined to protect Britain from Shariah Law. I support the cause, but I'm not liking the extremism and racism the video unearths. Of course, the video is flagrantly biased against the group, so they've probably purposely focused on the bad aspects of the group while excluding the positive. It's definitely not to be considered the primary source on the EDL.

I saw this coming though. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The British government has appeased Muslim radicals in their country for years. Societally speaking, this is the only next logical expectation. It might or might not be 100% morally right, but hey, neither are the jihadis.

I'm curious to know what you all think.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Condemn Pro-Holocaust Speech at UCSD

As I'm sure you all know by now, Jumanah Albahri told David Horowitz on May 10th that she was "For it" in regards to Hezbollah's statement: "We hope the world's Jews gather in Israel so we will not have to hunt them down." This is flagrant support for a second Holocaust. (The video is posted somewhere down yonder.)

There is a group on Facebook calling on UCSD Chancellor Fox to condemn Albahri's remarks for the hateful and dangerous rhetoric that it is.

Within the group is also a petition to Chancellor Fox to condemn said remarks.

Please sign it and share it with as many people as you know. Pro-genocide speech has absolutely no place on our college campuses.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I know I've been a little absent lately. Trust me, I'm hard at work fighting people like the ones in the videos below on my own campus.

Will update you guys when things cool down.


At Least They're Being Honest

I have two videos for you people today... both speak for themselves quite loudly.

Why we need free speech: (video is too large to embed)

Why we need Israel:

That is all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Israel Has Racist Traffic Lights

Can you believe it? According to the Economist, Israel is so racist it even goes as far as to tamper with their traffic lights in order to make Palestinian cars wait longer than Jewish cars. Such apartheid there is in Israel!

I mean, can you believe that Israeli society actually has a camera at every. Single. Intersection. in Israel, employs people to watch said cameras, and push buttons in order to delay or speed up the traffic light by a matter of seconds depending on the license plate of the car waiting at the light?


Can you believe this war crime?!

End the occupation!

Free Palestine!

Blow me, Economist!