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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Moderate Muslim Revolution

This article by Ryan Mauro over at Pajamas Media discussing Muslim moderates across the Muslim world rejecting terrorism is certainly cause for an increase of hope in such intimidating times. Ryan uses the recent political defeat of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Mumbai imams who denounced terrorism after the Mumbai attacks as examples, among others.

Ryan writes:

On May 16, four women were elected to Kuwait’s parliament and the Islamists were handed a political defeat. The Islamic Constitutional Movement, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic Salafi Alliance lost four seats. They now only hold three of the 50 seats in parliament.
This is music to long-battered ears, make no mistake. It's wonderful that we are receiving help from the Muslim world in fighting Islamic extremism.

Whether or not these are the same "moderates" who demand that their local hospitals are cleansed of all depictions of Christianty and Judaism; that their jobs give them 5 prayer breaks a day; that refuse to ring up pork products at supermarkets; and that refuse to pick up people carrying alcohol or dogs in their raxis, however, I cannot tell you and can only hope.

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