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Saturday, January 22, 2011

POLL: Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Living Under Israeli Sovereignty

So much for apartheid. A recent poll conducted by American Pechter Middle East Polls and the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion revealed that the majority of Arabs in East Jerusalem would prefer to live in Israel if a Palestinian state were formed.

Ynet News reports:

"The study also showed that Jerusalem's Palestinian residents were interested in keeping their Israeli Identity cards and enjoying the State's health and social benefits. Some 35% of them said that Israeli citizenship is their preferred citizenship and only 30% chose to be citizens of the future Palestinian state. An additional 30% said that they didn't know, or preferred not to answer the question.

And what would the neighbors say? When asked "if most people in your neighborhood” would prefer to become citizens of Palestine or of Israel: 31% estimated that most people prefer Palestinian citizenship; 39% estimated that most people prefer Israeli citizenship; and 30% declined to answer or said they didn’t know."
The poll has shocked a lot of people, even me. Still, it's a testament to the fact that people abroad make the conflict out a lot worse than it actually is, that they respond a lot more radically than most of the people in the thick of it.

I wonder what the anti-Zionists will say about this one.