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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gaza Offensive

A lot has been going on these past few days. Israel finally retaliated against Hamas for breaking their 6-month truce (technically they broke it long ago, but whatever), and has been pounding them unbelievably hard, as they should. Of course, the entire Arab and anti-Semitic world is screaming bloody murder at Israel to stop, and the sad part is Israel is probably going to give in to international pressure soon.

It's sad that Palestinian civilians are dying. But the fault does not all lie with Israel. This article sums up the fault of Hamas in the matter very well. If you provoke a stronger enemy, you're going to get raped. Hamas broke the truce. They used it as a resting period simply in order to stock up military supplies and build an army to attack Israel again. What Hamas is experiencing now in Gaza is nothing more than what they deserve for provoking a stronger enemy.

I heard Israel confirmed that it will launch a ground offensive on Gaza, but don't take my word on this just yet. My guess is the IDF is risking its own people so as to quiet down all the bitching about the civilian casualties. Of course, they excuse that Hamas uses schoolyards and civilian backywards as launching pads and civilians as human shields.

It's inconceivable how people can condemn a country for acting in self-defense. If rockets from, say, Iran, landed in say, Kentucky, the American people would demand action. There is no reason why Israel is not entitled to defend its citizens as well.

In other news, I'm fighting the flu. Right before New Year's. Damn it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Iranian Christmas

Ahmadinejad was given a small timeslot on the British television station Channel 4 today to deliver a holiday message alternative to one usually delivered from Queen Elizabeth II. Struck by a sudden onset of yuletide cheer and goodwill, Ahmadinejad wished everyone a 'Merry Christmas' and professed 'Jesus Christ will return, together with one of the children of the revered Messenger of Islam '. Some people are outraged that someone widely seen as a genocidal religious maniac was given a small timeslot on a British television station, but it's all in the name of free speech.

Incidentally, Christians are being hanged in Iran for the blasphemous crime of being Christian.

But that's just Iran's way of saying, "Merry Christmas!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling the Love... and the Hate

I came across this Facebook group dedicated, in name, to fighting cancer. Noble cause, and very important. A lot of the photos posted there are especially heartbreaking. There's a lot of text in the description, though, a lot of text. So I started reading it.

And what did I find?

Conspiracy theories. Anti-Semitic propaganda. The only info on cancer was all "connected" to these conspiracies and hate propaganda. It made me sick. I'm disgusted and infuriated that people would actually subvert an important cause like cancer awareness in order to propagate their own irrelevant hostile propaganda. It's absolutely disgusting.

There's a lot of love in this group. And that's good to see. But somewhere along the line, they made a few idiots into officers and gave them the ability to tinker with the group's info and instill their own hate. The ironic thing to happen here is if one of these assholes got cancer themselves. And then where will they go for help? The group they created, the one that points fingers at imaginary villains more than it actually does good?

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The sole Mumbai terrorist India captured has started talking, shedding a lot of light on the attacks as well as on the other gunmen. Pakistan is fighting a losing battle and refuses to acknowledge the guy's nationality, saying India doesn't have "sufficient evidence". The only surviving gunman has been charged with murder, intent to wage war on a country, and I'm sure a number of other charges.

In other less important news, I'm going up to Sonoma tomorrow to visit a good friend. Should be fun. Not the 7 hour car ride, though.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I also just found this out. No surprise that the PA rejected the offer (since when have they ever accepted anything?), but the fact that Benjamin Netenyahu is the best bet for Israel's now-embarrassing government next year is good news. Netenyahu opposes land concessions and terrorist appeasement (!) and is more focused on stimulating and developing the Palestinian economy so they can become self-sufficient. Something Israel should have done a long time ago.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jihad in Philly

In addition to being pants-wettingly funny, Always Sunny in Philly apparently has a political wit as well. I just watched the Jihad episode, which is pretty damn funny as well as a nice parallel to the conflict in Israel.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Defendants Confess to "Masterminding" 9/11

This is an interesting turn of events in the 9/11 trials. I wonder if they did it because they think Obama might step in? I'm all for making those bastards suffer as much as possible, but it sounds like that would be giving them a life sentence in a Western prison with Western guards rather than giving them the martyrdom they want. I don't know...

At least this should shut up all those obnoxious 9/11 government and Zionist conspiracy theorists.

Still Not Studying

One of my friends brought my attention to an interesting literary journalism piece about how the Israeli Defense Force handles "targeted killing" in Gaza. It's a very interesting- if sadly grim- look at the stress and mental toll it takes on the IDF officials whose job it is to play Grim Reaper for the terrorists in Gaza in order to protect their own citizens. Check it out.


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