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Sunday, July 12, 2009

1958: Interview With Abba Eban

This here's a 1958 interview with Abba Eban, Israel's first Ambassador to the US. The interview is done by none other than Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" fame. It has a wonderful 50s charm to it, and Eban's language and responses are really quite brilliant. This is a must see.

Not much has change since then except the cigarette ads.


Tzvi, R said...

The great points in this video are Israel economy and the Palestinian refugees.

Israel economy was a great concern at the time of the interview, 1957. Israel was surrounded by enemies, struggling to pay it's foreign debt, and there was a great concern that the young state of Israel will go bankruptcy. 52 years after the interview, Israel is located on the 24th place on the Human Development Index, higher than any other country in the Middle East or Arab nation. The Arab nations that wished to bring Israel to bankruptcy by arms race, are about to go bankruptcy right now. Egypt, once upon a time the barn of Middle East, has to get food from the USA. Israel gross domestic product is higher than all it's neighbor countries combined, Israel wealth is produced by it's democracy.

Abba Eban talks about the Palestine refugee problem, as he explains, the problem was created by the conflict. If the Arab and Britain didn't violate the partition plan, no Arab would have become a refugee.

Gary Fouse said...


Off-topic, but I have cross-posted your article on MSU to fousesquawk as well as radarsite.

Good work.