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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iranian Delegate Screams at Eli Wiesel

As if to underline the anti-Semitic undertones of Durban II, an Iranian delegate to the garbage Durban II conference in Geneva screamed and railed against Nobel Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel, calling him a "Zionazi".

Courtesy of YNet News:

A member of Iran's official delegation to the UN's anti-racism conference verbally assaulted Shoah survivor and Nobel Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel in Geneva, referring to him as a "Zionazi." The incident was captured on film by Sergio Wider of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The video features the Iranian official repeatedly screaming at Wiesel, who chose to remain silent and ignore the reprehensible comments.


"The Iranian president's sympathizers yelled 'Zionazi' at Wiesel, who was quite speechless following the incident," Wider said. "Nobody believed it happened, especially as Wiesel is one of the most well-known Shoah survivors and is greatly appreciated for his humanitarian work."
The most ironic part of this is that there will be no riots in Jewish communities, no riots in Israel. Why? Because unlike the Muslims who rioted in response to the Mohammad cartoons- they're still doing it even two years later- the people such as myself who will undoubtedly be offended by this racist's namecalling believe in his right to paint himself a blithering idiot (free speech).

Here's the video:

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