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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here We Go Again

Muslim Student Union respect for Judaism

Every May, the Musim Student Union (a.k.a Muslim Student Association) on UC Irvine's campus hosts a week of anti-Israel events. Last year they had the audacity to name it the "Palestinian Holocaust", and spit in the face of very Zionist and Jewish student on campus by ripping holes in an Israeli flag, spattering it with red paint, and singwing it with fire (not pictured above). Their anti-Israel week is infamous for inviting virulently anti-Semitic and slanderous speakers such as the always-amusing Norman Finkelstein and Jew-hating Malik Ali.

While this year is looking to be fairly weak (only 5 events spread out over the entire month of May), the MSU is flaunting a list of co-sponsors, many of which have no business supporting a Muslim-run event. Here's the list:

***Afrikan Student Union
***Alpha Epsilon Omega ®
***Armenian Student Association
***Asian Pacific Student Association
***Hindu Student Council
***Hip Hop Congress
***Pakistani Student Association
***Society of Arab Students
***Sikh Student Association
***The Agora
***Radical Student Union
***Vietnamese Action Committee
***Young Americans for Liberty
***Workers Student Alliance

Hindu Student Council? Hip Hop Congress? Young Americans for Liberty? Do these people know the cesspool they're jumping into? I thought Hindus would have learned something from the Mumbai terror attack. I guess not.

I have a feeling that before this event of half-truths and contorted facts begin, a lot of those groups will have decided to remove themselves from that list.

EDIT: Case in point, president of The Agora, Oren Klein, has already posted a short letter to the MSU regarding his wish to withdraw The Agora from their list of co-sponsors. He writes:

As the President of The Agora, I politely ask you to remove us as a sponsoring organization.

We do not condone partisan support. We support open dialogue and communication of all parties and refrain from choosing sides. We encourage your group to consider including an open public forum and debate, of which we certainly support.

I am in favor of the cause of freedom, and truly believe that the situation can be resolved peacefully. Though educating our students on worldwide issues is a number one priority of The Agora, addressing the issue from an antagonistic and xenophobic perspective is counterproductive and ferments conflict.

We encourage your organization to work towards mediation and communication, understanding and cooperation, and would like to learn more about the history of genocide; including the current crisis in Darfur, the past Armenian genocide, and the Nazi extermination camps alongside the Palestinian cause.

Peace not pieces!
Good on you, Oren. Thank you for standing up for the true nature of peace and fair dialogue.


Anonymous said...

I don't care when Muslims and Arabs attack Israel, it's the culture and partly religions duty.

The issue is when "civil rights" organizations support the MSU. I will offer an experiment, try to bring the Muhhamd cartoons to campus and see what happenrs. What the MSU thinks about freedom of speech.

Hey, it's only a cartoon.

Tinct said...

Interesting idea, anonymous stranger. I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

This is a human rights situation.. Its one thing to be the president of Agora... But to be disrespectful to someone's religion by bringing a cartoon depicting Mohammad is a whole other thing.

Tinct said...

One can certainly interpret a drawing of Mohammad as disrespectful. That's completely credbile. But I see the MSU defile Israeli flags and slander the Jewish people and state of Israel every year. So I'm afraid I can't say I really care about what offends them. If they're willing to insult someone, they should be ready to take insults.