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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

French Jew Tortured to Death by Muslim Group of 27 Youths

Ruth Halimi holds a photo of her son Ilan while he was on vacation in Sicilia, Italy.

Today's post is meant as an especially big 'Fuck you' to people who excuse Islamic violence because jihadis "are only a minority of Muslims".

I really don't know why these stories get such little attention.

Ilan Halimi
was a 23 year-old French Jew kidnapped by 27 Muslims and tortured to death in 2006. Their closed-doors trial began today in Paris in a juvenile court, as some of the Muslims were still minors at the time of the crime.

The 23-year-old victim, Ilan Halimi was found naked, handcuffed and covered with burn marks near railroad tracks in the Essonne region south of Paris on Feb. 13, 2006. He died on the way to the hospital after being held captive for more than three weeks.

Youssouf Fofana, 28-year-old presumed leader of a group of 10 young women and 17 young men, stands accused of a crime that shocked the nation. He is charged with premeditated murder, demanding ransom, and acts of torture and barbarism, and faces a possible maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

He smiled as he took his seat in the Paris court and said, "Allah will be victorious."

Fofana and his cohorts are also charged with attempting to kidnap other people, including Jews, and hold them for ransom.

But it's okay! Because jihadi Muslims (those who actually make good on their threats) are not the majority of the Muslim world. So we should just chalk this up as a regular ol' kidnapping, torturing, and murder. It had nothing to do with Islam. Just forget about the suffering they forced on this Jew, probably with glee, and write him down as another statistic.

No. That's sick. The people who read these news stories and then refuse to acknowledge them as religious hate crimes when they so plainly are, are the reasons why innocent people such as Ilan Halimi are dying every day at the hands of the most intolerant and hateful people on Earth. They aid and abet these monsters by remaining silent and politically correct. Then they hoist themselves up on a pedestal and look down on everyone else, because they know they're tolerant, and that they accept everyone and anyone. They smile as they realize this, and feel a sense of self-elation.

Then a Muslim walks over and stabs them in the throat and they wonder how they didn't see it coming.

Why are people so quick to excuse rapists, torturers, murders, and pedopheliacs only when those acts are committed out of a religious zeal? They damn "normal" murders and rapes. So when some cook gibbers "Allah Akbar!" as he rapes a Canadian reporter, or detonates himself in a Baghdad marketplace, why don't they acknowledge that "Allah Akbar!" for what it is? It's that cry of religious bloodthirst that a Muslim screams as he forces a woman to the ground or depresses his thumb on the trigger that sets him apart from normal criminals. And the people who ignore that cry for what it is only serve to usher us closer to our graves.

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