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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Five US Muslims Sentenced to Life for Mass Murder Conspiracy

A group of five Muslims have been convicted on charges of plotting to slaughter military personnel at Fort Dix. All five "men" are receiving life sentences.

24 year-old cab driver Mohamed Shnewer of Cherry Hill, New Jersey is the latest to be convicted in the plot, having been caught on tape by an FBI informant talking about attacking the United States. His defense?

Shnewer told the judge that he talked like a jihadist, but didn't have what it takes to be one.

As all conspirators are being jailed for life, the judge appears to have been too smart to fall for such garbage. Still, I wonder how many liberals would actually stand for treasonous acts like talking about attacking your own country. It's free speech, after all.

This is just another incident of the many different forms of jihadis out there. Some wrap themselves up in plastic explosives and run into a pizza parlor. Others talk about doing so. But how long will it take those who only talk about it to finally act on their murderous threats? And I'm sure they aren't averse to donating money, information, or time to terrorist organizations.

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