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Sunday, March 1, 2009

World War IV Will Be Fought With Rocks and Sticks...

My eyes will be following Netenyahu a lot in the months to come, perhaps more than others. Now that Iran has enough uranium to build a nuke, as reported by the UN and the US military, I want to know what Israel, who (should) understands what a nuke in the hands of a radical Islamic regime means far too well, plans to do about it. And everyone knows the whole point of their nuclear program is to obtain a nuclear bomb.

The situation reminds me of the time Israel ran an air raid on Hussein's nuclear reactor; the world screamed bloody murder at them for so many years until Hussein invaded Kuwait. And then Israel was a hero. Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad has learned from Hussein's mistakes; the Tehran reactor is now underground, which makes an air raid almost ineffective. I wonder if the Israeli secret service has a secret program dedicated to training super soldiers in the art of espionage and sabotage? How does the moniker Metal Gear Mossad strike you folks?

Given what Ahmadinejad screams almost on a daily basis- death to America, death to Israel, death to Jews, yadda yadda- it really disturbs me that he's gotten this far with the reactor. Something's happened to today's world leaders. Somewhere in the last 20-some years, the words "backbone" and "moral fiber" disappeared from world leaders' vocabularies.

We all know what Obama's thinking about this; pay Ahmadinejad a visit, flash a peace sign, elicit a promise of no nukes from him, and the situation's handled. So like he's been in every other important situation of national security since January 20th, Obama will be useless and will probably make things even worse. Meanwhile, China and Russia are in bed with Iran, the entire Middle East (save Israel) doesn't have the balls/is happy about it, and the UK is swiftly becoming a mirror political image of the Middle East (save Israel). South America is either too poor or too busy praising Iran. So that leaves one go-to guy as far as I can see.

Netenyahu, it's all on you. Don't wuss out on us now; I never got to go to Paris.

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