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Friday, February 27, 2009

Durban II

Obama's administration is pulling out of Durban II the same way a hormonal frat jock reluctantly pulls out of a cheerleader he's just learned is underage. Yes, we keep it classy around here.

Obama was recently planning to help freedom-loving countries like Venezuela and Iran plan the anti-Semitic feeding frenzy, but he's apparently come to his senses once it became apparent it was impossible to sway the leaders of the Durban conference from their anti-Semitic agenda. The US has now joined Israel and Canada in boycotting the sham of a conference, and European nations are expected to follow.

Preparations for a draft document have shown Iran is leading a small group of nations moving to block a number of Jewish protections- including mention of the Holocaust- while at the same time moving to make it a crime to criticize Islam. The conference is also promising to be viciously anti-Western.

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