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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gaza Offensive

A lot has been going on these past few days. Israel finally retaliated against Hamas for breaking their 6-month truce (technically they broke it long ago, but whatever), and has been pounding them unbelievably hard, as they should. Of course, the entire Arab and anti-Semitic world is screaming bloody murder at Israel to stop, and the sad part is Israel is probably going to give in to international pressure soon.

It's sad that Palestinian civilians are dying. But the fault does not all lie with Israel. This article sums up the fault of Hamas in the matter very well. If you provoke a stronger enemy, you're going to get raped. Hamas broke the truce. They used it as a resting period simply in order to stock up military supplies and build an army to attack Israel again. What Hamas is experiencing now in Gaza is nothing more than what they deserve for provoking a stronger enemy.

I heard Israel confirmed that it will launch a ground offensive on Gaza, but don't take my word on this just yet. My guess is the IDF is risking its own people so as to quiet down all the bitching about the civilian casualties. Of course, they excuse that Hamas uses schoolyards and civilian backywards as launching pads and civilians as human shields.

It's inconceivable how people can condemn a country for acting in self-defense. If rockets from, say, Iran, landed in say, Kentucky, the American people would demand action. There is no reason why Israel is not entitled to defend its citizens as well.

In other news, I'm fighting the flu. Right before New Year's. Damn it.

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