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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling the Love... and the Hate

I came across this Facebook group dedicated, in name, to fighting cancer. Noble cause, and very important. A lot of the photos posted there are especially heartbreaking. There's a lot of text in the description, though, a lot of text. So I started reading it.

And what did I find?

Conspiracy theories. Anti-Semitic propaganda. The only info on cancer was all "connected" to these conspiracies and hate propaganda. It made me sick. I'm disgusted and infuriated that people would actually subvert an important cause like cancer awareness in order to propagate their own irrelevant hostile propaganda. It's absolutely disgusting.

There's a lot of love in this group. And that's good to see. But somewhere along the line, they made a few idiots into officers and gave them the ability to tinker with the group's info and instill their own hate. The ironic thing to happen here is if one of these assholes got cancer themselves. And then where will they go for help? The group they created, the one that points fingers at imaginary villains more than it actually does good?


Pastorius said...

Anti-Semitic Cancer Conspiracy Theories?!?

What next?

Janice Dudar said...

What next?

Anti-Semitic Cancer Conspiracy Theories, prefaced by accusations against the Satanic Zionist Fascist Hacker Criminals who have been trying to hide the "truth" and repress their malignant message, of course!

It's almost funny. Almost.