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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dresden: 17,000 People Turn Out to Rebuff Neo-Nazis

Yesterday, the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, Germany, around 17,000 people in Dresden joined hands to block a neo-Nazi march that has become correlated with the anniversary of the city's bombing.

I think it's a little saddening when I talk to the uncommon Jew who still holds negative views of the Germans for the Holocaust. Like any society should, they have gone the extra several dozen miles in trying to make up for the Holocaust and World War II. The German people know they screwed up, they're not foisting the blame onto anyone else's shoulders, and they've done everything they can to apologize. In fact, they're still trying to make up for it in their embrace of multiculturalism, and they're starting to pay for it.

The events in Dresden yesterday are hard proof that the Germans are humans first and nationalists second. When the people, not just the government, make an effort on the scale of seventeen THOUSAND to confront the extremist ghosts of their country's past, you know that their society has for the most part expunged the contagion.

This is what should be happening in Arab and Islamic countries. Whenever Hamas or Hezbollah or any hardcore Islamic organization tries to march, the citizens of that neighborhood should be taking to the streets and emulating the Dresden protest. Root out the hatred! Purge your community of the parasite that's sickening the world's image of you.

So far, the number of such Islamic protests is a smack-in-the-face zero (or very, very close it). The number of instances of foisting the responsibility/blame for Islamic extremism onto another party's shoulders? The number would shatter the charts.


BUNbun4LIFE said...

THAT is really sad. Dresden and what happened there was an abomination. Women, children, old and the sick, along with all the red cross and doctors who tried to help them were vaporized by the 'wonderful antinazis' So what about people who just want to memorialize a horrible thing that happened. I understand for some remains there as nothing left but crystalized blood smears. Even as the people tried to flee they were shot down in the streets from above. If something horrible needed to be memorialized it is Dresden.
Groups like ANIFA who are fascist terrorists, and like all terror power hungry organizations simply DO for the sake of doing, and for the sake of power are also getting involved in screwing up a demonstration that is coming up in Europe asking that the muslim world stop christian murdering, raping, oppress on, persecution, etc.

SO NOW the truth comes out, they ARE against christians. If you picket to help the palestinians OK but if you protest christian deaths, you are scum (and apparently somehow racist)

rebecca smith said...

ANIFA is organization a counter protest of a 'stop killing christians' protest coming up in europe. Proof that they ARE anti christian and have no interest in human rights or anything. They're just another fascist terrorist left wing power mongering hate group. They side with muslims everywhere, claiming antiracism etc but they are going to disrupt