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Sunday, May 30, 2010

English Defense League Uncovered


Thanks to an anonymous reader, I realized the documentary I've posted here is flagrantly biased, and treats the EDL as badly as the KKK. I certainly am not disregarding the EDL as a racist organization, only the racist members of it. This documentary should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is the only one I can find.

Every organization has its extremists and racists, and should not be defined by them if it is in general a peaceful movement. The extremists must be condemned, not the movement as a whole. That's what this blog is about, after all.

Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Can't how I feel about this just yet... a right-wing English movement that has exploded onto the streets of London determined to protect Britain from Shariah Law. I support the cause, but I'm not liking the extremism and racism the video unearths. Of course, the video is flagrantly biased against the group, so they've probably purposely focused on the bad aspects of the group while excluding the positive. It's definitely not to be considered the primary source on the EDL.

I saw this coming though. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The British government has appeased Muslim radicals in their country for years. Societally speaking, this is the only next logical expectation. It might or might not be 100% morally right, but hey, neither are the jihadis.

I'm curious to know what you all think.


Gary Fouse said...

I think you are right. If the EDL is the most radical anti-immigration group in Europe it is because the UK has the most outrageous Islamic bunch in Europe and the govt has surrendered. That leaves little else but the EDL and BNP.

Anonymous said...

You may want to research this a bit more for yourself before you decide those EDL people to be Nazis.


a) There are lots of non-whites in the EDL who support the cause to preventing Sharia and who hate the idea of British troops being trolled by Islamist as 'baby-killers' etc when they come home. Also, lots of the EDL guys are simply working class football fans, not airy-fairy indoctrinated students and their homely way of saying things and drinking beer often offends the thinking classes by definition.

b) The same rabid Anti-Israel left is also again the EDL and they are the same nice guys who protest against Israel at any opportunity.

c) The spectacle of EDL people holding up Israeli flags in the face of those haters being called 'Nazis' is well documented. Flying the Israeli flag is a part of every EDL demonstration, not many others would dare to do that in Europe nowadays, in fact, the cops will remove the flag from you if it 'incites' the locals.(go figure)

d) Yes, there are some crazy people running with the EDL and the moment they show themselves to be haters, they get kicked out if they cannot be reasoned with. Also, there are a lot of 'plants' in that group who are interested in making them look bad.

e) At least find proof of 'racism' from the EDL -- don't just believe the lefty propaganda and repeat their mantras.

We don't always have to agree on everything to stand together on important issues, in fact, it's important that we don't because when we do, we stop to develop our humanity. Everyone has issues where we sometimes disagree -- I for example find kosher slaughter an abomination, but it does not cause me to declare Israel to be evil, nor do I think that people who eat kosher are bad either.

So if you see something you dislike, discuss it at source because that is the only way of fixing the problem but don't pout from a safe distance and declare the folks you have minor issue with as person-non-grata you'll never ever be associated with. (leave that behaviour to the lefties, they are good at intellectual hermitage.)

Signed: Anonymous, because it's that time once again in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Guardian has a long tradition of anti-semitism and other left-wing propaganda.

Also see here:

Why not have a look at the EDL website for yourself:
and in particular here:

Tinct said...


I appreciate your comments. I think, however, you might have misread the post. I did not call the EDL 'Nazis'. I'm simply undecided about where I stand on the EDL, that's all.

The EDL has my support in what they're fighting against. 100%, you can be sure of that. The video I watched, though, made it seem as if they are a rather violent and racist group. To be fair, the video was obviously biased, and discussed them the same way a History Channel documentary discusses the KKK. It even called Geert Wilders and the EDL "Islamophobes".

That's why I didn't throw a solid opinion behind it when all I had watched was a flagrantly opinionated documentary. It primarily shows EDL members making racial slurs against Muslims, Asians, and Pakistanis.

Every organization and movement has its racists and extremists. I would be amiss to argue that the Zionist movement is exempt from that. What it comes down to is the general mood of the movement; if the EDL is generally a tolerant and peaceful movement, then sure, there's no issue with them and they deserve to be commended for having the sack to stand up for Britain. God knows somebody needs to before it's too late.

Tinct said...

Also, I'm curious: what does "It's that time once again in Europe" have to do with anonymity?

Anonymous said...

It means that I'm very aware that the UK is a surveillance society and that I don't quite trust that any data collected will never be used against people. The UK is a few years ahead of the US here. It's not an issue now, but in 5-10 years time it could be very different here, freedom and democracy are only guaranteed for as long as we can (and want to) defend it. But I'm old enough to remember what bureaucracy can do even without computers, and in a way I don't want to find what is actually possible now.


As for racism, I am not an EDL member, but I'm sure that those guys: will be glad to fill you in and will also point you to other videos about the EDL, there was quite a good one by the BBC not so long ago.

Racism here has one very different factor here tho, there have never been any Jim Crow laws and most animosity grows as a direct reaction to failed community integration or cultural issues, and almost never stems from supremacy philosophies (other than Islamist racism).

Also, racism here is colourblind, you have riots where all groups play -- in fact, the measure of successful integration in UK society seems to be whether the community in question has managed to organise a good race riot yet.

Tinct said...

That's the best description of UK society I've heard yet. I had no idea race was such an integral element of community over there.

I'm quite interested to see how the growing Islamism in the US will play out over the next couple of years. Honestly, I don't doubt that an American equivalent of the EDL is destined to form.

I must apologize in advance because I can promise you I will use the phrase "colorblind racism" sometime in the future without paying you the royalties you deserve for it.