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Monday, April 5, 2010

Psychology of the MSU

This is an article I recently wrote exploring the psychology of the Muslim Student Union- your typical anti-Israel activist, as well.

By no means am I saying that's all there is to them. I may even do another piece exploring their mindset further. It was kind of a fun project, putting myself in their shoes. If a little freaky.

One correction I wish I had made before submitting it for publication...

I'm not 100% sure about the "defend, don't attack" method I espouse. I based it primarily on hearing what the common, uninvolved UCI student feels about the political tension on campus.

What I should have said: if rallying, protesting, organizing, etc. against Islamic extremism or related topics, do not organize "against" it. Rather, organize "for" something.

Organize for women's rights, gay rights, religious minority rights, etc. in the Muslim world.

Show that you're supporting something, rather than demonizing something else. People always, always, always respond better to a positive message than a negative one.

Why am I still up at this hour?


PatriotUSA said...

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Gary Fouse said...

Let me add my recommendation for Patriot to that. I also write for Patriot. He is vitally interested in this issue. Great article.


Tinct said...

Thanks, both of you. Patriot, I sent you an e-mail.