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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homer Simpson is the Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict....

... because he's someone they can all get pissed off at together!

It's no secret that somewhere along the line a few years back, The Simpsons stopped being funny. I have no idea when since I only watched the show only a little more than half-heartedly, but I'd say season 9. In the past year or so, it's gotten funny again, though the humor is really different than before. I'm guessing they got new writers.

Anyways. I just saw this JPost article. Even if I had still given up on the Simpsons by now, it's reason enough to watch this one episode. I'm glad the show is funny again; a Simpsons Israel episode definitely deserves to be funny.

Oh, and happy late St. Patrick's day! This at least is one thing to look forward to after college; I can finally start celebrating it with Guinness and pinches instead of textbooks and essays. It always falls around finals season for us college folk.

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