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Sunday, September 20, 2009

And We're Back

I just got back from my trip to Israel and wow, do I have so much to tell and show you guys. Some 700+ photos, including the "apartheid" wall, an Arab member of Knesset, Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial), West Bank settlements, the Valley of Armageddon, Jenin, and Gaza City as seen from a hill in the West Bank.

So much to tell you. But I'm also so very very jet-lagged.

I'll be back with details later. I've forgotten what sleep is like.



Brighton Early said...

Happy to have you back

MigratoryEagle said...

Hurrai up

K said...

I can't find an e mail addy so I'll just ask my question in the comments.

I followed a link here due to the recent Islamic student disturbances at UCI. I've been associated with UCI for a number of years and I've been trying to research the sudden influx of Islamic students at UCI. My first hint that a large number of such students might be attending was the Islamic prayer statute that was placed in the new rose garden near the flag poles. My second hint was walking into an anti-Israeli or more precisely anti-Jew demonstration when demonstrators were going after some elderly Jewish folks who were attending some function at the theater. This was some years ago.

My question is, what part of the middle east did the students come from, and who picked UCI for them to go to?

I don't have a problem with Islamic students going to UCI, but I would like to understand the process by which a politically active group allied with the left suddenly appears in Orange County.

If you'd like you can answer here or e mail me at

Thanks for your time.


Tinct said...

Brighton: Thank you =)

MigratoryEagle: I'm doing my best! Check the newest post.

K: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're probably referring to the Michael Oren disruptions.

I can't tell you where UCI's MSU students came from; I'd have to ask them personally about that, and they're not exactly my biggest fans.

There are a good number of MSU students who don't support the group's political aspirations. They go to it for mainly social and religious reasons. At least one girl's life and family was threatened when she left the club and posted a blog condemning their actions.

Irvine is the second-most Muslim-populated city in the USA (or something like that). So it's no surprise that the MSU here is so big and noisy.

If there's one thing this whole mess with Michael Oren has shown me, it's that not all Muslims, and not even all anti-Israelis or pro-Palestinians, support the MSU's actions.