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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Miami Men Convicted of Sears Tower Attack Plot

The "Liberty City Seven"

And wouldn't you know it, Islamic radicals had a hand in it.

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Prosecutors Richard Gregorie and Jacqueline Arango focused on the group's intent as captured on dozens of FBI audio and video recordings. Batiste [one of the convicted men] is repeatedly heard espousing violence against the U.S. government and saying the men should start a "full ground war" that would "kill all the devils."

"I want to fight some jihad," Batiste says on one tape.

A key piece of evidence is an FBI video of the entire group pledging an oath of allegiance, or "bayat," to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden in a March 16, 2006, ceremony led by an Arabic-speaking FBI informant posing as "Brother Mohammed" from al-Qaida. Testimony also showed the men took photographs and video of possible targets in Miami, including the FBI building, a courthouse complex and a synagogue.
So not only do we have to worry about Muslim beserkers embedding themselves in our society, but now we have to worry about Americans who are braindead enough to listen the ranting of said beserkers.

I'd give more commentary, but I'm running on three hours of sleep at the moment. You guys are smart enough to understand this without my bitching, though.

In a related vein to my lack of sleep, the Muslim Student Union on our campus is hosting their annual anti-Israel week. I'll have more on that fun prospect next week.

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