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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 Year-Old Suicide Bomber

Abdullah was caught crossing with Taliban fighters into Afghanistan from Pakistan. The 11 year-old boy was wearing a large jacket stuffed with explosives. His reasoning is that if he doesn't blow himself to bits and kill innocent people, non-Muslims will invade Muslim countries. He has been termed the "world's youngest suicide bomber". Click here for a video interview.

Incidentally, Abdullah was raised in a mosque in Pakistan. Go figure.

According to Atlas Shrugs:

Mr Neely said Abdullah's days were spent reading the Koran and his evenings were taken up learning how to load weapons and how foreigners came to Muslim lands to kill them.

But it's okay, folks. Because as Obama told everyone, "America is not at war with Islam." Which clearly means that Islam is not at war with America.


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