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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Peace Anthem for the Israel-Palestinian Conflict...

It's so simple. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? I laughed, and you will, too, or your money back.

Tim Minchin reminds me of a sober blonde Jack Sparrow. Who is #^@*ing amazing at the piano.

In mermaid news, I'm glad to hear gold medalist times eight Michael Phelps won't be facing charges for that stupid photo of him hitting a bong. There much more important issues for our law system to tackle right now. A 20-something year old taking a hit of weed is not one of them.

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teenatuner said...

Thanks for sharing this! I agree about the Jack Sparrow bit. It gets a little Poguesy toward the end, which is fun, too. Love the way they segue into his segment, by cutting off the scholarly chap who is trying to expound on useless unwanted facts. Props to you, Tinct, for not only providing your uncompromising and fearless commentary about the very difficult issues that we are facing in the world today, but for injecting some eloquent comic relief when we need it. Really appreciate your witty perspectives. Keep it coming!